Two additional ways to get your old Mavro released


Dear participants!

We used to have a rule according to which participants who provided help got their “old” Mavro released in the amount of 10% of their PH sum. Besides, if their referral provided help, “old” Mavro in the amount of 10% of their referral’s PH sum got released as well. This rule was intended to pay off old Mavro debts as soon as possible.

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1000 payment expamples old mavros for the week (17 - 23 Jul 2017)


Dear participants!

The mutual help Community MMM is working as stably as never. We both pay off the growth percent for the current Mavros and release the old ones.

We assure you that old Mavros are being released very actively now:

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Regarding New Money Rule for Release of “Old” Mavros


Dear members:

At present, the new money rule is applied to the release of “Old” Mavros for 10% of the amount of PH-request (of participant himself or his referral).

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Bitcoin situation clarification: Why is it safe and profitable to keep your bitcoins with MMM


In the context of the present situation with the cryptocurrency, some members have been asking questions regarding safekeeping bitcoins with MMM. Please, rest assured that there’s nothing to worry about. Keeping bitcoins with MMM is no less safe than keeping them in a personal wallet or at a platform. The only difference being that with MMM your bitcoins additionally grow at a huge rate of around 50% per month. :-))

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Notice about Weekly News


Since there is no special news at the moment and no news is expected — the System is gaining momentum and evolving in a stable and efficient way — we have made up our mind to abandon the practice of presenting weekly news. From now on, we will publish only the news that is really noteworthy and only when it becomes available.

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